About Us

About Kids Galaxy

Welcoming place that engages each child.

A great way to spend time with your baby or toddler and meet other moms is by joining a parent-child class or playgroup.

This playgroup offers a fun and stimulating shared experience where moms spend time with one another, compare notes about their little ones, and teach the cherished songs and games of childhood. Most importantly, the classes give kids an environment where they can learn in a proper focused way, building important developmental skills while learning.

Friendly atmosphere plus quality children care.

Kids Galaxy combines music, art and movement, including dance, exercise and all kids together at the park.

In Kids Galaxy classes, children are treated to a monthly curriculum with a wide variety of games and activities. For babies, the activities focus on developing basic skills such as gross and fine motor coordination, language acquisition, shape and color recognition, just to name a few. For toddlers, the activities center on social interaction and skills, creative art skills, physical coordination and following directions.

Dedicated classrooms with top skilled teachers.

The results: fun for you and your little one!

Regardless of the focus, the basic elements of a Kids Galaxy playgroup experience remain the same: a parent, a child, and a game or activity enjoyed together.